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JX-1300 Multi Station Commercial Gym Machines

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Comes with a whole body exercise chart.
  • A sturdy frame that can be used commercially.
  • Safety Mesh Shroud: Provides security during a workout


 JX 1300 Multi Station Commercial Gym Machine

The JX 1300 Multi  Station commercial gym machine at Fitstan kenya design is perfect for extensive commercial  gym exercise including front press and butterfly, leg extension, preacher curl, low row, triceps dip, shoulder reps, lat pull down and ab crunches. The Best  commercial Gym machines has a maximum training resistance of 148lbs providing 347lbs of maximum resistance.

JX 1300 Multi Station Commercial Gym Machine Features

The JX 1300 Fitness multi-exercise station commercial Gym is an ideal workout station for any fitness enthusiast.

Max. Capacity High Pulley: 65kg
Max. Capacity Arm Press: 125kg
Max. Capacity Leg curl: 150kg
Max. Capacity Low Pulley: 145kg

Durastack weight Stack: 60kg Strong Vinyl Weight
Combo Press/Butterfly station: Padded, horizontal butterfly arms allow exercise chest muscles comfortably
Leg Developer: Padded, 4-foam station isolates quads and hamstrings for leg extensions and curls
High Pulley: Specialise back workout by using a variety of hand positions on the lat bar
Safety Mesh Shroud: Provides security during a workout
Preacher Pad: The preacher pad comfortably isolates biceps and ensures proper form while performing bicep curls
Exercise chart: Perform and learn easily with the help of the exercise chart.

At  Fitstan Kenya have a Commercial Gym Equipment for sale in Kenya and have it delivered to your doorstep.

JX 1300 Multi Station Commercial Gym Machines FItstan Kenya Manual and Exercise Review Video


Advanced Review: JX-1300 Multi-station Commercial Gym Machine Fitstan Kenya Equipment for Sale  Now in Kenya 

Download JX-1300 Multi Station Home Gym Machines Fitstan KenyaManual.PDF 



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