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  • A versatile and easy-to-use climber that works for all fitness levels.
  • Full-body workout combines calorie burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple step.
  • Low impact workout, easy on the knees and ankles.
  • Easy to set up, lightweight and height adjustable. Comes 90% pre-assembled, ready to use in minutes. And compact folding for an easy storage.


MaxiClimber Total Body Workout – Home Gym Equipment Now in Kenya

Maxi Climber Total Body Workout – Home Gym Equipment helps you climb your way to a better, firmer and healthier you with MaxiClimber total body workout, the best Home gym Equipment, the fitness breakthrough that can help you sculpt lean sexy legs, rock hard abs and toned triceps and biceps. The ultimate vertical climber full body workout that combines a calorie burning cardio with intense muscle toning according to the MaxiClimber reviews,  It works your entire body in one easy move. Maximum workout in minimum time. Try it today, order form Fitstan Kenya at an affordable price.

MaxiCLimber price at Fitstan Kenya store is 21,000 which is affordable considering the value given.

The Maxi Climber total body workout is a vertical climber that imitates the movements of rock climbing to help you burn calories while strengthening and toning muscles.MaxiClimber gives a great cardio and strength training workout without putting stress on the lower joints of your body.
When compared to treadmills and stationary bikes, the Maxi Climber helps you burn more calories. Climbing the Maxi Climber for an hour will burn an average of 500 calories with Maxi Climber, you get a full body workout that combines weight resistance, muscle toning, and aerobic exercise in one simple step, all in the comfort of your home. Lightweight & durable. Maxi Climber is a vertical climber for integral fitness, made with the best materials.

MaxiClimber Reviews, Results, and Effectiveness. 

Maxclimber total body workout reviews highlights.

  • MaxiClimber® works your lower body, core, and upper body muscle groups.
  • Help you sculpt lean sexy legs
  • Rock hard Abs
  • Toned Triceps and Biceps.
  • The workout combines a calorie burning cardio with intense muscle toning.
  • Cardio and strength training workout.
  • No stress on the lower joints of your body.


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MaxiClimber Reviews Q&As

What muscles do the maxi climber work?

The Maxi Climber provides a full body aerobic and anaerobic workout. It will sculpt and tone your calvesthighsglutescore, shoulders, triceps and biceps as it increases your cardiovascular fitness.

Does the maxi climber help you lose weight?

Maxi Climber is an excellent all-around workout machine. Itcan help you lose weight if you work out using the Maxi Climber on a regular basis.

How long should I use the Maxi climber for?

Typically, a maxi climber exercise plan suggests running a 10-minute workout during each session. This totals up to 30 minutes per week

How many calories do you burn on a vertical climber?

However, when it comes to calorie burning, a vertical climber is slightly better than elliptical machines. Specifically, a 200-pound person can burn up 850 calories in a one-hour session with a vertical climber.

Does the maxi climber work your abs?

Maxi Climber engages all major muscle groups to burn calories and build muscle. The easy-to-setup vertical climber is a total body workout that can help you get  rock-hard and toned abs. 

How much weight can the maxi climber hold

Maxi Climber Specs. Dimensions – The Maxi Climber is 22 inches wide with a depth of 36 inches and a height of 79 inches when fully extended. User weight – The Maxi Climber weight limit is listed as 240 pounds.



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