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Work out in the comfort of your own home with the Indoor Spinning Exercise Bikes. This allows you to have smooth and quiet workouts to your favorite music or television shows. Equipped with transportation wheels, the Indoor Spinning Exercise Bike is easy to move around your home.


  • Work out in the comfort of your home with this bike
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Adjustable resistance, with emergency brake .




Semi-Commercial Exercise Bikes

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Semi-Commercial  Exercise  Bike Review

With a fully adjustable seat, handlebar, and resistance. The Semi-commercial Exercise spin bikes is perfect for cardio and physical exercises.

What you get: Best  Exercise  Bikes 2020 Features.


Wide, padded saddle so that riders are comfortable and balanced during their workouts; The seat is also adjustable, both vertically and horizontally. No-slip design features a dipped rubber bar for comfort and safety, plus easy adjustability to accommodate riders of all sizes and abilities.

Two-piece fender protects the brake and flywheel assembly from moisture

Weighted flywheel creates momentum, which keeps the pedals moving; This translates into a non-impact workout and a fluid pedal stroke

Performance Metrics Measurable. LCD display which gives an idea of time, Kcal, speed, distance and RPM. It can monitor calories, speed, distance and time.

Adjustable, Semi-commercial spinning bike comes with  a fully adjustable seat, handlebar, and resistance.  no-slip handlebars with rubberized grips, adjustable fore and aft seat slider, water bottle holder on a frame.

It provides a smooth and quiet workout. It also has transportation wheels for easy portability.

Secure one motion emergency stop.

Exercise Bikes Best price, at a price of 45,000 The semi-commercial  spinning bike is affordable and sure to gives you a return on your investments.

Benefits of Exercise bikes

Weight loss:

If losing weight is your goal, this exercise bike is an appropriate option. It can help you to burn a thousand calories within less than one hour. Acquiring the Exercise spin bike will be the best move. Joining spin classes is another best option.

Builds strength:

It is a method to tone your entire body in a single package. You can tone, core, arms, legs, butts and back simultaneously. You will have to work on varying speed and resistance to build your body efficiently.

Best cardio workout.

This exercise is essential to maintain heart health. It makes efficient heart pumping capacity and makes it stronger and healthier. Its increases body metabolic activities and shape the body to its perfection. Exercising with Spin Bike help you how to overcome fatigue and laziness making you active for the day.

Low impact:

The best point of this exercise is no pressure on joints. Hence, it is applicable to all age group of people for proper fitness. Gives opportunity to every muscle to get stretched and strengthened.


Calories burned using a spin bike, An hour-long bike ride at a leisurely 10 to 12 miles per hour, for example, burns about 256 calories. But crank up your effort to a race pace 16 to 20 mph and you’ll torch around 773. A vigorous Spinning class on an indoor bike can burn nearly as many, about 741 calories an hour.

For more follow the video  Exercise Spin Bike video review.


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